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In the past few years it has changed look at the management of contacts with clients. Significant become a dynamic, bilateral relations which necessitates the application of new standards for the collection, processing and presentation of information. Meet these requirements is the idea that CRM is supported by technology. View of the customer from each side (ie. 360 ° view) is invaluable help make a quick decision, allowing to maintain, acquire and understand the customer.

NetInteractive since 2010 offers a comprehensive service of implementation of CRM which consists of:

On stage, we analyze the type of business processes, conduct workshops that resulted in written requirements according to priorities which are the basis for further processing.

With the system requirements create a functional project that includes a specification and mock-up views of the CRM system.

At this point the system is created. The team of programmers and testers based on the technical design creates a system using available tools. Regularly we make available for effects work and keep collecting feedback.

When the system passes acceptance testers and the customer is running productively. At this stage, it is also possible to migrate the data. Depending on your needs we conduct training administrators and users of the CRM system.

No system is perfect just after deployment, it is important to monitor the system, user support and making the necessary changes. The next stage is the development of new functionalities and areas of activity.

Our competence

We implement CRM systems based on open source software and dedicated systems written for Client

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