In 2004, an American, John Roberts, while riding a bicycle called “Sugar” had the idea of creating an open CRM system – there came SugarCRM.

Today it is the most recognizable CRM system available in the open source model. The project is run by SugarCRM Inc. which employs more than 350 people and has over $ 100 million of revenue per year. On the “sweet” system used by small and medium-sized companies, but also corporations such as Coca-Cola and IBM.

What has SugarCRM

Default functionality can be complemented by solutions for their own needs

Sales support

clients registration, contacts, leads, sales opportunities

Marketing support

shipping mailing, multi-channel marketing campaigns, capture leads from the website, marketing analysis


mail client, project management, shared calendar


registration of cases, notifications and complaints, knowledge base, customer portal


flexible creation of the database, modules, fields, views, and handheld widgets


Pre-defined sales reports, marketing. The ability to build custom reports

Accessories and modules

The ability to install many additional modules created by external companies

Database documents

the creation of a shared document base and the creation of dedicated print

How SugarCRM

from the center

Our offer

in the SugarCRM

  • Integration

    The integration of data exchange between systems and other sources.

  • Service

    Support for users and system administrators. Debugging and system problems.

  • Expansion

    The creation of new modules and functionality

  • Implementation

    Customization and configuration to customer business model

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